Data that no one asked for

Nicolas Cage – film love interests + age difference

Nicolas Cage has had a singular film career in many aspects. At the beginning of his career, he was paired with love interests played by actors who were older than him, a trend that…did not continue. However, unlike some movie stars, his film characters’ love interests are not played only by actors significantly younger than him. Per the data collected for this report, on average, Cage is five years older than the actor who plays his love interest (or partner).

All birth year data was found on Wikipedia or IMDb. Since I haven’t actually seen every Nicolas Cage movie (yet), I relied on Wikipedia for plot summaries. If I didn’t feel confident that Cage’s character and another character were intended to be romantic/sexual interests, I did not include the film in my final data set. If you have clarifying details about the relationships in these films, please contact me using the form below.