About Me

I offer back office solutions to mission-based organizations that want to focus on their mission. Let’s face it: you probably didn’t get into this work because you are good at preparing for audits. You’re trying to save the world. That’s laudable, but in order to operate effectively, you need to have solid systems in place. That’s where I come in.

I have always enjoyed working for small organizations where, especially in the nonprofit universe, there is a lot of overlap of duties. Therefore, even though my specialty has been fundraising, I’ve had to learn about – and lead – HR, finance, operations, and evaluation efforts as well. This has allowed me to see the big picture of how these pieces work together and how they can work better. Here’s a list of the services I offer. 

My speciality is supporting relatively small or start-up organizations that address complicated issues in comprehensive ways. You know that global poverty won’t be wiped out by a neighborhood after-school feeding program. And you also know that well, we still need to feed our neighborhood kids after-school. So you’re looking for solution that improves today, but never stops thinking about tomorrow (insert Fleetwood Mac here).

Here are a few of the places I’ve helped on a full-time, part-time, consulting, and volunteer basis:

  • Burlington Farmers Market
  • The Colorado Independent
  • Denver Tool Library
  • Denver Urban Gardens
  • Funders Concerned About AIDS
  • INMED Partnerships for Children
  • Instrumentl
  • Just Shea
  • The Minga Foundation
  • National Employment Law Project
  • Participatory Culture Foundation
  • Right Rides for Women’s Safety
  • Take our Daughters and Sons to Work (TM) Foundation
  • Teach With Africa
  • Ubuntu Pathways (fka Ubuntu Education Fund)
  • WNET
  • Young Heroes Foundation

Looking for help with your nonprofit career? Check out my career coaching services and resources here.

You can read my full resume at LinkedIn.

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